Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Summer Art Leadership Opportunity

Application form:

ARTiculate is a three-week leadership program that exposes youth, ages 13-18, to a variety of art forms and experiences. Participants have the opportunity to work with professional artists from a variety of disciplines, get behind-the- scene access to major cultural institutions and galleries in Toronto, and plan and teach their own workshops at our local libraries. Over the course of three weeks, participants will learn new art techniques, invaluable leadership skills, and have a stronger working knowledge of the arts and culture sector. 

If you know of any students looking for something to do during the first 3 weeks of July, please share this opportunity. The cost is Pay What you Can, but we are able to offer full and partial bursaries to cover the costs so that it can be completely FREE for those in need.

The application deadline is this Sunday June 18th. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TIFF Sound for Video Workshop

Great job on foley and Garage Band CyberARTS!!!

Check out your final work here:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

12 Principles of Animation - Assignment

For more information and detail about what each of those principles actually means, check out this article about the 'old men of Disney' and the 12 principles of animation. They actually developed these principles and they still check out today and the basis for all animation.

Pose to Pose - understanding key poses. Click here to get a better understanding of creating key poses that essentially create your animation.

Inbetweens and motion arcs. Here you can learn about how to make things appear smooth - timing and motion arcs are particularly important.

Please view the video and read through the article so that you have an understanding of some of the main principles of animation. You will need to be able to identify them in the kinetic typography you analyze, but you should also be implementing some of them in your kinetic typography.

1. Review or learn about the 12 principles of animation. Read the article linked above and watch the video above.

2. Watch and search for more great examples of kinetic typography.

Here's a LINK to 35 MUST SEE examples.

3. Post one amazing kinetic typography video on your blog  and write a brief analysis of the video looking at the principles of animation:

  • 3-4 examples of principles of animation (you need to identify the specific timecode when you observed the principle of animation and explain why you think it's a good example of it)
  • Your observations of pace, timing, choice of font, colours used and any particular techniques or movements used that were especially effective in expressing the mood and sound of the piece of music/spoken word and also how the words sound when they're spoken/sung.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Digital Art Style Self-Portrait

Posting and Submitting your Final Portrait

Submit your finished PSD or AI file to the Working Files folder in the CyberARTS Year 2 share folder - Final Digital Portraits

Submit your finished .jpg or .png files to the jpg/png folder in CyberARTS Year 2

Post your jpg or png to your blog with the following written artist statement responding to the following questions in your statement:

Please write in paragraphs and proof read your work before posting!

1. Name and describe the art style(s) you have selected for your portrait.
2. Discuss the artistic choices you made with your digital self-portrait and how those choices reflect your chosen art style.
3. Discuss your procedure, step by step explaining how you created your portrait. Be as specific and descriptive as you can. Include any references to tutorials you followed and describe in your own words your procedure.
4. Briefly reflect on your level of satisfaction with the finished product. Explain your answer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Black History Month Assignment - Year 2 Tech

Create an original visual representation (painting, drawing, photograph, or video, PSA, social media campaign...etc.) to communicate what Black History month means to YOU.

You may work in pairs if you're taking on a larger project, such as a video.

Please let me know on Thursday what your plan is. And get busy! You don't have much time.

Due: ready to present in class on Monday Feb. 27 - and submit for the contest on Feb. 28th.