Friday, October 21, 2016

Music Videos - Through the Decades AND Cinematography (Year 3 Tech) For Monday - Wednesday Oct 24-26

1. Music videos through history
2. Chapter 6 in Digital Overdrive

1. YEAR 3 TECH: Music videos over the last 3 decades

 Check out the technology used in this music video. You need to open it in Google Chrome. It uses HTML 5.

Also, please take a look at the history of music videos - which began in the 1980s with MTV. According to U.S. Time magazine, these are the best 30 music videos of all time.

Here is another "Best 30 Music Videos of All Time" by Music Radar
These seem a little more underground. Also more contemporary. Check them out as well.
Check out #22 Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar for some amazing editing and perfect sync-ing.

Take a look through both the Arcade Fire video and the article on the 30 best music videos. Watch a minimum of 9 of the videos and read the summaries below - making sure you watch at least 2 per decade. There are 10 per decade in the article.

FIRST Write a blog post...
1. Summarizing your thoughts, opinions and inspiration from the 9 videos you watched.
2. Which ones do you consider works of art in their own right? and Why? Note: The first video - Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" was exhibited in New York's Museum of Modern Art.
3. Also, comment on the types of changes you noticed through the decades. (Lighting, editing, sophistication, pace etc.)
4. How does the Arcade Fire video compare to the earlier decades?
5. What's next in music videos in your opinion?


Embed one video (the ones you find the most compelling, artistically) into your blog post
1. Comment on the pacing, artistic style, lighting and artistic intent/meaning of  the posted video.
2. How does this video visually express the emotional theme of the music? Look at specific imagery, pace, style, lighting as well as cinematography (composition of the shots).

2. YEAR 3 TECH: Chapter 6 in Digital Overdrive

Finish this assignment and then move on the following chapters in Digital Overdrive
Click HERE or Go to
Click on Existing User - Find your school - Lakeshore
User name - lakeshore
password - lci2016! (don't forget the ! )

You will need to review the following chapters and complete the tests at the end of each section. Put in your own email address and the results will be emailed to you. Once you receive the email, forward the results to me at
And/or you can create your own account by logging in.

Chapter 6 - Intro to Cinematography
Shooting Style
Rules of Cinematography
Basic Lighting

After completing all three sections, complete the review questions for the chapter.
We will be reviewing some of the key points on Monday. Please make sure you complete all of this by Thursday Oct 27th

Year One Tech - Photography Assignments for Monday Oct 24-Wed Oct 26

Go to the following link:

Sign in using the following:

Click on Existing User
(Note: if the link doesn't work, re-type or cut and paste the url into your browser window)
Your school name: Lakeshore Collegiate (you might need to find this on a list)

Your user name: lakeshore
Your password: lci2016! (that's an exclamation mark at the end!)

Go to Chapter 14 - Photography

You will be working your way through the 3 chapters over the next few days in preparation for hands on learning and shooting by the end of the week.

Start with
History of Photography - Read the entire chapter, then do the review sheet at the end and take the test. In order to save your work - create an account. Then put my email address in so I can get the results - or email them to yourself, then forward the finished work/results to me at

Then go to
Digital Photography - Read the entire chapter and do the review sheet AND take the test

Then go to Photography Basics - Read From Aperture to Parts of a DSLR camera

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Year One Tech - Logo Submission

Please post your final logos on your blog.  Final blog post due: Friday October 21st at the beginning of the period. We will be starting photography on Friday.

Scroll down to see the exemplar provided. (Miami Nights)

Make sure you EXPORT your Adobe Illustrator file as a PNG and remember to export the artboards you need to export as separate files.

Post the following:

Pictographic Roughs
Typographic Roughs
Combined Roughs

Pictographic Final (should included one black and white and one colour)
Typographic Final (one black and white and one colour)
Combined Final (one black and white and one colour)

Please write the following:

Discuss and justify your design choices you made for your logo by answering the following questions:

1. Explain your "company" - what do you do, who is your target market, and what is your style and personality (3 adjectives you picked initially).

2. Explain your choice of image (object/animal) and justify why that choice connects well with your company's personality (question 1)

3. Discuss your choice of the following elements and principles of design:
Line (thick, thin, rough, smooth, curvy, straight etc.) - explain based on what you know about how a line can express mood
Colour (look up colour psychology and discuss your choices based on your company and also visual aesthetics)
Shape (how your use of shapes helped to define your object/animal)
Emphasis (what stands out and why - discuss visual hierarchy - where your eye goes first, based on size relationships, colour, boldness etc.)
Contrast (how did you use contrast to create visual interest and variety)

4. Discuss any challenges you had using Adobe Illustrator and what you did to overcome them

5. What did you learn from this assignment?

Year 3 Tech Music Videos

To begin researching music videos, please go to the following link, read the chapter and do the Review Questions as well as the End of Chapter Test.

To log in 

Your school name: Lakeshore Collegiate
Your username: lakeshore
Your password: lci2016!

If the link isn't working, type in the URL into your browser.
password has an exclamation mark at the end!
Go to the Chapter 12 Music Videos

Read the chapter and do the Review Questions as well as the test

To be able to save your work as you go, log in and create an account.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Final Illustrator Instructions - Year One Tech

Once you have finished tracing your object/animal, create 9 - 16 copies in one Illustrator file to alter the colours/tones for each one. You need to submit this as one of your final copies.
Make sure you copy and paste the original with all the layers so that you can easily change the colours of the various shapes within the image.

Due by the end of the period today:
Minimum - Page of Pictographic roughs AND typographic roughs
We will begin combined roughs Tuesday and aim to be completely finished this assignment by Thursday. Friday we will begin photography.

1. Rough pictographic logo.

It should look something like this:
All images below by Joseph Walsh (currently in CyberARTS Year 2)

Pictographic Rough

2. Next begin exploring ideas for typographic logos. Look here to read about typographic logos. Here is an example of a page of typographic roughs:

Typographic Roughs

3. Once you have chosen your favourite typographic and pictographic from your page of roughs, you can explore combining the two together.

It should look something like this:
Combined Roughs

4. Please post your 3 rough files - pictographic roughs (image only) - typographic roughs (type only) and combined roughs (both together).

5. Together with Ms. Silverman and your peers you can select which of the three is your favourite and create a black and white and colour version of your final. It should look something like one (or all) of these:
Combined Final

 Typographic Final

Pictographic Final

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Year One - Illustrator tracing exercise

Click on the link below to download a tracing exercise to DOWNLOAD, and then open in Adobe Illustrator.  You will find the file in downloads (either through the finder or on the bottom menu)

You can then lock the bottom layer and trace over top of the lines in a different colour.

Please be aware that there are 4 artboards. Make sure you complete all 4 of the artboards.
Due at the end of the period today.

If you prefer to view the video, or watch the beginning of it to get the idea, it is available below.

Monday, October 3, 2016

After Effects Tutorials for Anthony and anyone else needing a refresher - Year 4 Tech

After Effects Basics with Terry White

Start here and watch the 10 tips beginners want to know.
Take notes and open After Effects to DO as you WATCH!! Go at your own pace.

Syncing text to audio. VERY IMPORTANT 10 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE!!!
Please watch this and then watch it again if need be! Remember the shortcuts, write them down and use them!

Also, there are many videos on After Effects on Video Copilot

Here's another video on Basic typography and motion graphics that may also be helpful.