Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rhythm Post test

Don't forget to Export as a png from Illustrator. Click on Use Artboards. 
This one has no black outline around it.

But this one does. Notice that one line in the bottom right that doesn't quite meet the edge of the outline. That's annoying. Don't make that same mistake!

Please post your final Steady Rhythm and your final Dynamic Rhythm using artboards, white backgrounds and the black outline. Mine was 5 pt.

Then write your analysis and add it both to the blog and to your printed assignment that you submit to me by the end of the day tomorrow! Yay!

Year 3 Portraiture - Friday Sept. 23

Spend this period fine tuning your best 3 portraits, based on what we discussed in class yesterday. Look at lighting, composition, pose and facial expression as well as background/foreground relationship.

Please post your best 3 (one per lighting scenario - see the previous post) and write briefly about each image from the suggestions in the previous post.

Next steps will be to plan your portrait series.
We will be learning more about lighting on Thursday. In the meantime, continue gathering images on your Pinterest board that you find inspiring and begin sketching ideas for lighting scenarios, models, poses etc. as well as an overall concept for your portrait series.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Year 3 Portrait Photography

Research the types of portrait photographs you would like to take, and/or are inspired by in each of the following available light situations:

1. Window light
2. Open shade
3. Direct sunlight

Find at least one image for each of the three lighting situations and briefly write about the photos. Discuss some or all of the following:
The poses, the light, the expressions, what you like about each of them, the difference between each of the lighting situations.

Your assignment:

Take one portrait in each of the following available lighting situations: window light, open shade, direct sunlight

Shoot the equivalent (minimum) of three old school rolls of film (24-36 frames) for each of the three lighting situations listed above.

You can photograph the same person, or three different people. Search/think about locations you'd like to use and take a variety of photographs in each of the locations.

Once you've shot your "rolls" of film, view, select and edit your best 3 from each. You'll end up with 9 images. Then choose your best shot to show in class.

Shooting days: Thursday/Friday
Editing: Friday/Monday
Present: Tuesday. Be ready to present your final image on Tuesday. I'd like to print them all so we can do a proper critique. Try to get them finished by Monday and ready to print during lunch or after school.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Line in Design

Lines are one of the most basic design elements used in art and design. They can be used to divide, to direct the eye, to create rhythm or to create forms. They can be implied and can also help form grids, one of the basic tools for layouts in graphic design.

FIRST, take about 20-30 minutes to read the following articles.

Here are 6 tips for designing with lines that will start you off.

Here is a post that goes into a little bit more detail about the use of line in design

Lines can also create mood and meaning. Here is a post that explains more about this in web design.

THEN, experiment with line by drawing 3 5x5" boxes in your sketchbook that convey 3 distinctly different emotions. Try to choose three different ones and challenge yourself!

Here are some ideas - anger, sadness, depression, boredom, joy, elation, fear, angst, anxiety, nervousness, enthusiasm, disappointment, happiness, loneliness, rage

You can fill the box any way you want, just use only line (pencil only) and express the emotion you chose. Please be prepared to hand in your sketchbook to Ms. Silverman on Wednesday. Make sure that you know what specific emotion you are trying to convey BEFORE you start sketching.


1. Read the articles above.
2. Choose 3 different emotions from the list above (or choose your own).
3. Write each emotion at the top of a page in your sketchbook and experiment with the types of lines that you think convey those emotions. (One emotion per page) (Your thumbnail sketches)
4. Draw 3 5x5" boxes when you are ready to choose a 'design' that BEST expresses those emotions. (Your 'good' copy)

Hello Year 1

Please copy your blog address into the comment section below.

Congratulations on your new blog!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Year One - Elements and Principles of Design Practice

Get into groups of 3.

Do a google search for amazing graphic posters (we're going to focus on posters for now)

In your group choose one that you think has many different qualities to discuss.

Go through all the elements AND principles of design we just learned about and analyze the poster in your team. Discuss each element and principle in as much detail as you can and make some notes.

Be prepared to present your poster to the class tomorrow! (Friday)

Save the poster on each person's desktop (in case someone is away unexpectedly)